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Kaevum - Natur

Relentless Raw Agression - 100%

CosmicCult, May 15th, 2020
Written based on this version: 2013, CD, Darker than Black Records

It has become a reality that Black Metal has lost it’s essence over the course of the years. Massification is negative in every aspect and field, but especially in music. Because of that, it is pretty unlikely to come across a new band with great quality as you are immersed in an ocean of averageness and mediocrity.

Norwegian Black Metal has become no exception. The scene that once bore the scepter of the subgenre now is a charade of what once was, and can only survive with the rememberance of times long forgotten. However, there is still a group of bands that constantly try to keep the flame burning and has risen from the dark to provide evidence that Black Metal still has a shadow of blackness, purity and aggression.

Kaevum is one of those bands that, sorrounded by a mysterious aura, has kept that mentioned flame alive, and “Natur”, their first and only full-lenght to date is the fuel that feeds that flame. Right from the very first seconds, you already know that 30 minutes of merciless aggression are coming right at your face. Dissonant yet melodic, dirty-produced, vile and confident.

The vocals are sharp, very high-pitched and hateful, the drumwork is full of echoing blast beats and yet is very technical, with different tempos and a great structure. Guitars are stinging, but sound very clean in several passages, with great riffing and also clever melodies. Unlikely as it may seem, the bass is very noticeable in different sections so it is worth mentioning.

Natur consists of six songs, very different from each other but with two common points; intolerance and sonic aggression. Special mention to the clean choral parts, which add a special yet melancholic feeling to the overall atmosphere, that really blew my mind.

This album is flawless and relentless, a perfect combination of rawness, aggression, melancholy, intolerance and darkness. One of the best Black Metal works of this century, if not of all time.

My favorite black metal album. - 100%

ozzeh, December 18th, 2018

I was once arrested sitting on my bed as the opening notes of "Natur" started blasting. It's so evil the authorities mystically show up and incarcerate you on the spot. It's like the thought police know you're plotting something homicidal.

Yeah, the felonies were reduced to misdemeanors, but my entire point is: it's a crime not to appreciate this black metal monolith regularly.

This music is ugly. It's pure auditory hatred in the blackest sense. What offsets the blackness of the atmosphere are the divergent, melodic clean-sung chants dispersed in the first and second songs.

But just because the production sounds like it's coming directly from a cave in which some sort of necromantical, sacrificial rites are going on -- far, far away from any semblance of modern society -- it doesn't detract from the music itself. Kaevum doesn't try to be technical yet their song-writing is supreme. In a word, Kaevum is "raw-sounding" in terms of production.

When music of this ultra-violent, no bullshit form of black metal takes root and grows, usually over the course of an album, it will lull and run out of ideas. But Kaevum keep it interesting in terms of varied tremelo-picked rhythms and even certain instances of melodic solos, so short they're better termed leads.

But what strikes me as the most attractive part of this pure, black holocaust of metal insanity is when the leads explode into hyper-schizophrenic, synchronized rhythms. Vocally, it ranges from the most murderous savage black metal screams I have ever heard in my life, to oddly calming Gregorian-styled chants. But they complement each other well, and really there's not much melody or hope to be found here.

Where Keavum excels is when "Natur" explodes into full-bore, rip-your-face-off black metal insanity: this is most of the glorious 30 minutes' run-time. These maniacs aren't trying to be "melodic" or "technical" in any sense, but there is a certain underlying beauty between the hard-core punk d-beat drumming and the synchronized riffs.

Of course you've got blast beats everywhere throughout "Natur", but if anything the drums are the most technical aspect of this. They control and lead the dynamics of each song; the bass is perceptible but more of an adjunct the rhythm than a stand-alone entity.

Rhythmically, Kaevum pretty much dominates the entire scene in terms of sheer, unrelenting sonic brutality. Vocally, it is perfect. I have never heard such hateful vocals in my entire life.

And it suits the music perfectly. This is pure, intolerant hatred captured in the most intense 30 minutes of black metal history. I find myself listening to "Natur" every single day because I notice nuances in the music that are always new to me.

"Evige Spor" is a perfect example, it opens with the sickest bass solo this side of Cliff Burton, which is totally diametrically opposed to the hypersonic riffs that follow. I mean really, every song could be described as: schizophrenic, calculated, hateful, black, murderous and utterly brilliant.

This is the most evil-sounding, forward-thinking, utterly sadistic black metal album I have ever heard. And while it is a bit formulaic, the riffs and "melodies" (used lightly, for it's mostly an "onslaught") are so divergent to breathe new life into each song. But as a whole, it's the darkest sonic journey in black metal, one of the most addictive albums I've ever heard, and the perfect listen for whether you're feeling homicidal or suicidal. Kudos to the previous reviewer for bringing this to my attention.

And on a closing note, the album cover matches the music: simple yet hauntingly beautiful and it leaves a resonating feeling with it. I think this is the perfect representation of the genre, hence my perfect score.

A Piece of True Norwegian Hate – TNBM Isn’t De - 90%

Tzeench, March 24th, 2013

Until now, I wasn’t sure if Norway has still got it since the mayhem and the band name itself all died down since the mid-1990s with most of the bands “growing up,” calling it quits or “retiring,” or selling out. Albeit a few legendary bands have re-activated again (Immortal has been consistently rudimentary since 2006), I began to stop bothering to look or watch for any new and up-coming black metal bands coming from Norway.

I admit though, it’s sometimes nice when I’m wrong…since I stumbled upon this dark, foreboding outfit known as Kaevum. Hailing from Tromsø, relatively new to the scene, I discovered this band on a blogspot. Having never heard of them until now (literally just tonight writing this review!) I downloaded their full-length ‘Natur’ and gave it a listen. I was blown away by dusty, cold war winds! The sound truly has an old-school early 90s feel with a very raw, coarse production without being too “Transylvanian Hunger meets Nattens Madrigal.” It also gives an edge of a war metal-esque feel – again mainly induced by the atmosphere through the production.

The production, I have to admit, was the most attractive foundation to this album’s sound. It kind of reminds me of the Svest/Inkisitor split meets Behexen’s ‘From the Devil’s Chalice’ album, meets Satanic Warmaster’s ‘Revelation’ EP, but clearer and sharper than the first two with the treble of the guitars, vocals and cymbals. It truly gives the base for this album’s violence.

All six tracks make no delay or hesitation in pulling you into the fire that freezes like liquid nitrogen. Veering between blast-beats and double bass grooves and skank beats, the songs are direct and to the point. The third track, “Medlidenhetens Konge” is definitely a stick-out track that gets me revved up before kicking into higher tempo for going over the top and charging straight into battle armed to the teeth! Other songs give some room for change in tempo and dynamic without sounding montonously slow and sluggish or speeding like "norsecore." The closing track, "Evige Spor" really does a fantastic job of melody and slow to mid-paced riffing and various drum beats buliding up to summon in the end before disappearing into the fog of war and frost.

The vocals are consistent and raspy…again, I emphasize “to the point” or even “poignant” here. The tracks never seem too monotonous or tiring. With the additional effects of the clean vocals singing in an echoing choir surprisingly adds a small dash of “light to be extinguished” from the dark – reminding us that this is also a band quintessentially anti-religious as black metal in general should always be, and always WILL be.

The cover art depicts a black and white photo of a young blond woman – possibly German or Scandinavian which also gives way to guess if this a NSBM band or borderline NSBM band. If so, it’s refreshing to hear one incidentally from Norway that executes something raw and grim and consistent. If I’m wrong, it doesn’t matter, because this overall is quality black metal I haven’t heard from Norway anew in at least a few years.

After hearing this album, I most definitely have this new discovery marked on my wish list as a “must have” to my collection. A refreshing, yet horrifying breath of fresh grim air from Norway, Kaevum is definitely a newer band to reckon and keep your eyes and ears peeled for in the future. Norway has still got it, and Norway isn’t dead yet! Horns and hails!