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Leviathanks for the memories. - 60%

Skammdegisthunglyndi, January 30th, 2008

Given both the connotations and existing musical output associated with the word "Leviathan", you're setting yourself a fairly high target by implementing said word. This posthumous EP from Swedes Kaamos is in some respects appropriately named.

Crunching Swedish death metal of the fairly brutal kind is the order of the day here. A muddy yet audible Swedish production a la Unleashed drives the releases fuzzy low end riffs and beastly death growl. All in all this a gritty, if slightly uninspiring release that has its moments. The dominating chorus of the title track is suitably heavy whilst the thrashing charge of 'Seven Demons' and Slayer-esque solo of 'Blood Has Stained The Cross' will get your head banging. Closer 'Spirtual Funeral' is a pleasant surprise, taking the form of a doomy, trill riddled Black Sabbath homage that's incentive enough to check out the back catalogue.