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..straight forward fukking brutal! - 80%

holzmann, September 21st, 2005

Kaamos came out of nowhere for me when I got this promo in my hands, the only thing I’ve heard about them before was that they’re a new (1998) death metal band from Sweden. -And that they are/were a “live band”.

Lucifer rising gave me a pretty good first impression with its early 90’s sound. I expected modern hyper technical death metal, but fast realized that this suited my ears better than I hoped for. Lucifer rising is not an overproduced album. Maybe this isn’t the most original album I’ve heard, but they have something unique that’s quite interesting and keeps me wanting to hear more. Kaamos draws a line between old-school and modern death metal with "Lucifer Rising", their second full-length album.

The album is pretty varied when it comes to tempo. Karl’s vocals are everything they should be, straight forward fukking brutal! But I think they become a bit boring and maybe lacking some personality, after hearing through the album a couple of times.
Chris Piss are the member that impresses me the most, his drums are great, and as I said before - the tempo-variation kicks ass! The thing that bothers me most, is that the guitars dissapears a bit into the background. Of course you can hear them, but I think they should be a bit louder.