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Unmistakable Begining - 75%

MikeBelial, March 3rd, 2006

Before the Kaamos self titled debut was Curse of Aeons the demo that helped to catapult them into the Death Metal spotlight. Probably what makes this demo standout is that it is a true Death Metal recording unlike some of the repetitive formula based shit to worm out of Sweden.

Obviously, this demo has intimations of Unleashed and Slayer, but that is almost trivial in that Kaamos was finding an identity that would truly become apparent in 2005 with the release of “Lucifer Rising.” Kaamos has a way of taking galloping guitars and machine gun riffage and making it their own sound. They do this too with blast beats at supersonic pace, and vocals that rip with incredible spite. Still, these guys don’t just pound away for 17:39. They add catchy riffs, harmonies, and the instruments are not overplayed against one another in the mix. Mostly what is awesome about this demo is that their sound is primordial but alluring. In as much as I can here fingers squeaking on the guitars fret board in the opening track I can also feel the vibe of substance.

As a fan of these guys material I’m obviously biased, but as a first time listener of this demo I can truly see how much they have progressed from 2001 to 2005. If you all like Kaamos new music then you will sure as hell like the locomotive chugging of this genesis on demo.