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Zombie death/thrash attack! - 100%

ThrashCommander, March 8th, 2011

This rare and unique death/thrash album is an incredible production, full of musical technique. The sound differs from any other death/thrash albums for several reasons. Starting with the structure of the songs, you will hear for yourself that it is never the same. KOD combines perfectly fast thrash riffs with slow, powerful and technical death riffs.

The guitar work is just awesome. It has an aggressive and well balanced distortion which makes the riffs understandable at 100%. Intros are among my favorite parts, because they include clean arpeggios mixed with heavy distorted melodies..

Furthermore, you might recognize the voice parts from the movie "The Night Of The Living Dead". All of this together creates a nice terror atmosphere which introduces you into a creepy zombie scene, and then... blast! The adrenaline flows again with pure fucking death/thrash.

The best thing when you are listening to KOD is: you always can hear the bass! The fact that the bass is never lost injects power to all the songs, especially in the slow parts. Despite this benefit, the bass sometimes even sounds louder than the guitar. However, I think this is done intentionally and in my opinion, it is not a bad thing at all.

The drum work deserves special attention. It may not be the best drumming, comparing to other bands, however it is highly technical and it sounds great. The drummer can go from fast thrash beats to furious blast beats in a second, passing through slower beats designed for headbanging... and the double bass does its job very well.

The vocals are one of my favorites. There are growls, yes, however you can understand a big part of what is said, and it does not detract the aggression that death/thrash vocals must have. There are also harsh voices and some screams, which fits perfectly to the musical genre.

There are seven musicians in charge of the composition, some of them are official members and the others are just friends, or at least that is what it says on the back of the album. This fact makes KOD a very unique band.

At last, but not least, the guitar solos.They are short, but fast and heavy. and they can be heard in the beginning, in the middle or in the last part of a song. Especially the solo parts (like all the parts), do not follow the standard structure of metal songs, and that really gives a unique touch to this album.

If you can find this rare this album, buy it immediately! You won't be disappointed.

Try "The Unholy Ghost", "Into The Pit Of Hell", "Deterioration" and "Flesh Eating Zombies".