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Fittingly published by Xtreem Music - 86%

Felix 1666, April 24th, 2015
Written based on this version: 2010, CD, Xtreem Music

Air raid sirens sound the alarm: the crazy gang from Spain is back. The "War of the Voivodes" has begun and nobody knows who will survive. Anyway, the Catalonian death machine will cause the greatest possible damage. The members of Körgull the Exterminator are cruel combatants in this mercilessly raging battle. While following their sadistic tendencies, they generate the most forceful sound. The mix scores with an extra dose of pressure and brutality. Although I have listened to approximately 3,500 metal albums during the last 35 years, I am really impressed by the incredible heaviness of this wrecking crew from the Iberian Peninsula. With regard to this monolithic wall of sound, it does not matter that the drums must be secondary to the guitars.

When considering the band´s musical approach, I have to notice a specific form of schizophrenia. On the one hand, Körgull cannot be blamed for narrow-mindedness, because they prefer to play a mix of all kinds of extreme metal. From this follows that they cannot be categorized as a typical thrash, black or death metal horde. On the other hand, the four-piece is totally narrow-minded. To vary the compositional formula seems to be a cardinal sin. Therefore, you need the strength to endure the band´s outstanding vehemence as well as its constant recklessness. Maybe it is helpful to have a penchant for masochism. But while being no psychologist, I do not want to make unfounded statements.

In any case, Körgull unites the maximum chaos with the minimum structure. Despite their destructive aura of the songs, their configurations are comprehensible during the entire output. Additionally, the band demonstrates its songwriting skills in other respects. It is amazing that the tracks do not lack of dynamism although the ultra-violent way of proceeding and the constantly high level of noise leave no room for sustainable breaks. Körgull manages this challenge with great ease. Almost unbelievable, but they are even able to increase the intensity occasionally. The dark and threatening chorus of "Road Killer" serves as a good example for this thesis. Apart from that, it is also a kind of wonder how the guitarist manages to break through the wall of sound from time to time in order to perform his minimalist yet stirring tone sequences. (Sorry, but I am not able to use the term "melody" in this context.) Be that as it may, the sparingly used riffs have a huge impact. They are murderous and highly efficient at the same time. Furthermore, the bass guitar is obviously played by a person who suffers from hyperactivity. Nevertheless, the overall result makes my day. This not only applies to raw diamonds such as "Awaiting for Death´s Embrace" or "Axe Thrash Attack".

A cover song of the Plasmatics blends seamlessly with their own compositions. It needs a start-up period of 90 seconds, but afterwards all hell breaks loose again. And it goes without saying that the vocals of Lilith support the hellish approach of her band mates. To express female beauty is definitely not her aim. She sounds rather like a growling dog that is in a very bad mood. I guess that someone has stolen her bone. But this is ultimately irrelevant. To sum up, here comes my extremely detailed conclusion: noisy bastards!

Yesssss, yessss, sssing sssoo ssssweetly to me! - 85%

autothrall, November 19th, 2010

On the surface, Spain's Körgull the Exterminator seem like a rather too obtuse tribute to Canadian progressive sci-fi metal masters Voivod. Not only is their name taken from a Voivod song, but the name of this sophomore album is even a direct tribute (and yes, I do know the term's Slavic origins). The similarities do not end here, because the Spaniards are essentially borrowing the formula found on War and Pain and Rrroooaaarrr and then trampling it out to an unholy extreme of blackened death and thrash. Had you ever wished your Canadian heroes to amble on in the path of ripping oblivion, rather than concoct their progressive masterworks such as Dimension Hatross and Nothingface, then perhaps War of the Voivodes is what might have transpired.

What's more, Körgull the Exterminator have one of the most vicious female vocalists in the business right now, in the magnificently named Lilith Necrobitch, and she goes a long way towards the long term effects of this album. The band is just a dynamo whirlwind storm of holocaust and death, honing in more on a strategy of beating the listener to death than any intricacy in raw compositional skill. However, such a highbrow bearing would be inconceivable for this, because Lilith's vocals are so fucking hostile, the guitars carving out your skin like nuclear saws, that you have no choice but to be destroyed under the album's weight. There's no escaping the dread, constant payload of "Sado Soldiers" or "Axe Thrash Attack", and there will be no entertaining of your sensibilities anywhere here, unless you count the slightly tweaked, ancient Voivod architecture in some of the "Road Killer" or "For Total Holocaust" riffs.

So what starts as an homage develops into something intensely brutal, and the result is not unlike a Blasphemy, Repulsion or Blasphemophager in its level of unchecked violation. This is pandemonium at a premium, raw ripping force that succeeds on no other level than its utter domination of your ass, and it's easily one of the best albums this year at such a direct, no frills tactic, burying their debut Dogs of War within mere minutes of the haunting ambiance of the "Raw War" intro. Few bands lately have offered so much through so little, but Körgull the Exterminator are flat out fun for anyone who isn't a jilted, pretentious poseur. Do you ever close your eyes at night and dream of what it might have been like had Voivod's 80s vision of frightening, post-nuclear dystopia transpired at the close of the 80s? Well, we wouldn't have had black metal bands singing about Vikings and wrist-cutting in that timeless. We'd have Körgull. So man (or woman) up or clear the fucking hall!