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Blut aus Bad - 25%

tomcat_ha, July 13th, 2017

Experimentation is a good thing in music generally speaking. Experimentation gave us guitar distortion, experimentation gave us death metal and experimentation also gave us gems in the underground that will never get widely appreciated like Neoandertals. However sometimes experimentation also produces things that are simply said shite. From the last Liturgy album, to Lulu and now a new entry on the list of failed experiments the new Jute Gyte album Oviri.

Oviri sounds super experimental at first glance but it is actually very simple to describe. Essentially Adam the dude behind the project loves Blut aus Nord. He loves them enough to start thinking “I can take what that band stands for but take it to the next limit by using all sorts of weird music theory and unusual guitar tunings!” He then writes riffs and guitar parts that we basically already have heard a billion times before by third rate bands but then he mangles these parts with whatever music theory and tuning he wants to experiment with. Essentially all these elements that make it sound weird hide the fact that the stuff that is going on is actually really lame. This album is basically the avant garde black metal counterpart to generic stoner/doom with a top notch guitar sound. It is just that something else is hiding the low quality of the guitar-work. I can count the actually worthwhile riffs and guitar parts on 1 hand. To make it even worse when there is a good riff half of the time at the same time you got this awful guitar noodling going on high on the fretboard.

The drum programming does not help either. A lot of the drum parts sound like Damien Storm keyboard drumming except played faster and without the charm. He also at times chooses some drum sounds that sound really dumb like the skipping CD pseudo hi-hat sound on track 2. While overall the drums sound pretty decent for drum programming sonically speaking. How they are played basically brings down a lot of the bad riffs and guitar parts even further.

There are some redeeming elements though. Half of the ambient parts and the last track are actually pretty cool and well done. I think Adam also made some records that are ambient and/or noise and I am actually willing to go look up these releases.

While this is the first Jute Gyte record I heard. I was aware of the nature of this project. However I was biased against this band because every time (in my experience at least) a band releases so many albums in such a short time period the records tend to lack horribly in worthwhile ideas. Apparently Adam takes years crafting these albums. He is still working on a lot of releases at the same time and this is definitely reflected in the quality of the music.

Yes there is some stuff you have to “get” in order to really listen to this album however instead of this album revealing itself to be a true masterpiece it reveals itself as a very mediocre work. However I do think that there is potential for the basic formula present on this record. The first/main riff on the 4th track sounds like demented Crowbar and that makes it really cool. Basically this means Adam needs to do is learn how to write normal good riffs first and then start looking at weird guitar tunings and outlandish music theory.