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One of the best albums ever - 100%

Blastbeats, May 13th, 2004

This is the second offering from these relatively unknown Swedish metal masters. To call them simply “melodic death” does not do them justice at all, as this is MUCH more than the average Gothenburg formula. JULIE LAUGHS NOMORE combine the brutal edge of death metal with the epic side of power metal, with classic heavy metal and thrash bridging the whole album together.

From the beginning you get a great example of the CD’s direction in the track “Mistress Of Death.” Opening with pummeling blast beats, evil riffing and savage screaming from Danne. Right into the song you’re presented with some very thick, crushing heavy metal riffing which progresses into an epic power metal-esque chorus. There’s thrash madness in “Children Of The Empty Cross,” a beautiful melodic yet powerfully crushing title track and other brilliant tracks that have their own individual feel, but remain one with the rest.

The riffing is CRUSHING. The band have went all out and made the brutal parts BRUTAL and the melodic parts just beautiful, whilst the core of the songs are made up of lots of interchanging riffs, leads, tempo shifts and well crafted progressions that link the songs together with perfection. There is a lot of excellent lead play, with leads that harmoniously fill over the riffs and just stand-alone brilliant solos. I haven’t heard two guitars complement and work so well with each other before! The songwriting is fantastic, with riffs and leads weaving in and out of each other, whilst the very heavy and present bass thrusts songs forward along with the excellent and crushing drumming. The greatest part of this album is the title track “From The Mist Of The Ruins.” This song really feels like an amazing adventure, as it opens with a sorrowful riff, slips into crushing riffing with dark, cold lyrics snarled out. Then a slow, steady progression that blasts into a fantastic, epic chorus with lyrics of supreme joy and celebration, as the whole band gets in vocal action to rejoice.

Ronnie’s drumming is outstanding. His double bass is so consistent, precise and appropriate. He has a superb talent for majestically mixing his crushing, sturdy rhythms into chopper-like double bass, blast beats and great triplets. His drumming ability and rhythmic style is one of the big factors in the way these songs gel, as well as TH’s very thick, heavy bass guides the songs and provides a big melodic boost, allowing Benny and Thomas to execute many displays of technical wizardry. Danne’s vocals are a big high point on this CD too. He has a great range, with low death growls, snarls, clean singing and throat cutting shrieks. He uses his voice perfectly in all areas completely rids this album of any hint of monotony. Added to this, Benny adds a very brutal, gutteral vocal contribution in every song, giving the album excellent variety and power.

Overall, a perfect album in every way. Whether you love Gothenburg, death, power, thrash or heavy metal, you’ll love this CD as it combines them all brilliantly, and more. An absolute masterpiece and a must-buy for all metalheads!

You need some Julie Laughs Nomore. - 89%

mrbungle44, August 5th, 2002

Okay, the topic/title says it all but without the details.

This is a great album. From start to finish it just doesn't let you go. Yes, it is that good. From the first song to the last you are entertained with a masterful album filled to the brim with melody and of course, some brutality to even things out.

This album has it all, it has it's Death Metal moments and a little bit of Power Metal influences and there's even a little bit of Thrash on the second track (Children of The Empty Cross, this one is a personal favorite along with From the Mist of The Ruins, Mistress of Death, etc...). Altough, the best label for JLN is Melodic Death Metal. JLN's second full length offers something for every Metalhead and it is done right.

There are quite a few reviews of Julie Laughs Nomore on the internet and not one is bad, neither is this one...every review stress the importance of the vocals and with good reason. A very wide range. You have deep vocals, you have raspy vocals and the mixture of these (and others) are great. Some of the finer moments on the album are the use of multiple vocals which are found on many tracks. Danne does the main screaming and Benny (one of the guitrarists) does the lower death growls and this has a great effect.

The vocals aren't the only attraction for this band, the weaving of melodies through the guitars are great as well but it's everything together that really make Julie Laughs Nomore truly worthwhile. Every song offers something to the album and not one minute is wasted on this album.

If you like Melodic Death Metal ala Gothenburg acompanied with tasteful brutality, this album is in my opinion amongst the best.