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Quality musicianship with a disturbing sound - 60%

sodometal, June 1st, 2007

Trouble Within is a progressive speed/thrash album played with a typical American style and sound. When I listened to the album, the first thing to come to my mind is that they sound like American Mekong Delta. It also sounds like early Fate’s Warning and Helstar albums. The cover artwork, which is a drawing of two staring blank eyes on a plain black background, really sucks.

The bass guitar is very loud and easily heard. This is due to the weak guitar tones. The tones are very irritating and this irritation peaks at leads. The vocal is not typical of thrash metal but rather he sings in heavy tones. The music has much variety thanks to the leading drumwork. Actually this is no big surprise as the drummer is Bobby Jarzombek.

The album is so changeable that a fast song can turn into a ballad and then rise again to thrashy speeds. All songs more or less have this same feature but The Calm Before… is an interlude played with keyboards and the following Swarm is a slow tempo song. Stellae Rubeae opens with acoustic guitar and then continues as an instrumental showcase. The album closes with a rather out-of-concept weird outro in which black guys in hardcore-rap style on bass and drums.

The album, considering its release year, is a big success. If we put the disturbingly distorted guitar tone aside, it is a good album with quality musicianship. The production shadows the music but you should give it a shot if you like thrash/speed metal.