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Classic metal blade material throughout - 100%

whiplash50, January 25th, 2006

I can't say I agree with Gutterscream's review one fucking bit, because imho this album is essential to any old, true metal collector or aficionado, because even though it may have somewhat goofy lyrics at times like "a sacrifice, taken from a skeleton's kiss", it has many memorable moments and a very strong nostalgic feel that reeks of the glory days of real metal. Not a pure speed fest either like many of their peers, these guys churn out a few mid- paced jams that are thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end, and of course the speedier tracks (Burn Tonight, Cut Throat, Hang 'em High, to name a couple) are catchy and well executed.

Why, oh why couldn't Brian Slagel have given this an original disc release in the day instead of, say, a Metal Massacre 2 on 1? Same with Sentinel Beast, Witchkiller, etc, etc... This was well deserved, but just not popular enough for it, I suppose. Aside from their shock value stage antics such as the coffin and blood spewing, they were noteworthy also for the presence of well-known drummer Bobby Jarzombek. If I could describe these guys' style, I'd have to say it was similar to a little Impaler with the essential Priest influences along with that "sound" and feel certain Metal Blade bands shared at the time.

But there's a lot more going on here, really, for instance, the beginning of Hang 'em High briefly resembles the early sounds of Tank along with the main riff of the song. So I say give this album a chance, BUT only if you're into certain things like this for the nostalgic feel as aforementioned and also for the sheer love of classic releases that never quite broke any ground or changed the world, but held their own for what they were. 100/100

-----"Morbid" Mike