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Enough to keep everyone happy - 80%

Doomlord_dtr, October 31st, 2006

Judecca are quite the perplexing band; not brutal enough to fit the Brutal Death Metal tag yet not technical enough to be included in the realm of Tech-Death. It is well rounded in the old school but not old school itself! The album so-titled “Beyond What Eyes Can’t See” also leaves one in such a strange place. Are they Demilich worshippers paying homage to Baphomet’s brutality or Baphomet clones trying to copy Demilich’s technicality and creativeness?

Musically, this album is of good quality with some creativeness shown with acoustic guitar passages and off-kilter vocals. The duel vocals are (often)excellent, really helping to up the intensity already displayed by the band. Razor sharp riffs come at you from different directions, with enough groove to keep your head banging upon multiple listens. The atmosphere is excellent; akin to the feeling of claustrophobia. This is what really makes the album, as it is something most Death Metal bands have forgot about these days. The attacks are usually kept short in order to keep the intense atmosphere flowing. The song writing is ok but not the greatest nor worst either! The lyrics are the only letdown of the album, as they are most typical of Death Metal bands in general (i.e. about death and gore).

The production is excellent and would most probably resemble Demilich’s “Nespithe”. The vocals are given more weight in the mix similar to Demilich, which also complements the music overall making it a very intense listen. The drum sound is typical circa 1996 in terms of production but works well most of the time. The guitar is vicious and uncompromising; most comparable to Baphomet’s “The Dead Shall Inherit”

I find this album an intriguing listen and as I have stated previously, I don’t know what Judecca were trying to do but it sure is great to hear, if you can track it down. It’s got enough technicality, brutality, atmosphere and killer riffs to keep everyone in the death metal universe, happy.