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That's right, here's where the talkin' ends - 100%

MegaHassan, May 14th, 2010

Is this the greatest thing ever or what? Not only does it have 2 of the best Judas Priest songs known to man, god, nature, bhudda, and everyone else in between but the other one (Exciter) is a live version and good god almighty is the live one better than the studio one or WHAT?

The main song is generally accused of being one of Priest's more mainstream moments but with those uplifting in your face lyrics and built-for-the-road feel, does it really matter? Oh, and those crunchy as fuck riffs, those infectious leads and of course Halford's vocals. I actually prefer 80s Halford because listening to his 'tougher' voice here actually makes him sound more like a man as compared to his kinda faggy voice in those 70s records. The song has a pretty basic structure, simple riffs, and a catchy chorus with the vocals perfectly intertwined with the guitar work - built for arena crowds, basically. And in that regard, Priest pretty much destroys Motley Crue, Scorpions, and all those other bands who built their sound in order to cater for bigger audiences. This isn't the British Priest of old, it has a very Amrican-ized sound - kinda mainstream but a lot more powerful. And those lyrics! This is the type of song you hear in your angsty moments and instead of wallowing in self pity it kicks you in the fucking balls and gets your ass up and running!

Exciter, does it need any introduction? Classic, classic speed metal song. Apparently this version is from their Japan live album according to the blog I downloaded this single from but I wouldn't know. It's packed with energy and the guitar tone is fucking vicious (compared to what I've come to expect from Priest) and serves as a nice contrast to the upbeat fistpumping of the earlier track. This one will bang your head faster than that shitty (okay, so it was good, very good!) Quiet Riot song.

But yeah, pretty much the best single ever.