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Exceptional - 98%

langstondrive, January 5th, 2004

Well, I just got this a few weeks ago and I have probably listened to it 3 billion times by now. This, obviously, comes with good reason. "Unleashed In the East" is easily one of the best live albums ever recorded and also the best album Priest ever released, alongside with "Painkiller". Each of the songs burns with an energy that is unseen, or at least cramped in the original studio recordings. There are certain points of magic that make the live versions of these Priest classics better than their studio versions, my favourite being a bit into "Exciter" when the music stops and the crowd screams the "repent if you please" part along with Halford. Speaking of Halford, he sounds perfect, with his only audible vocal fuckup being at the beginning of "The Ripper".

"Victim of Changes" is another great song, with some great riffs and a long, melodic midsection that eventually kicks back into the song in a great way. "The Green Manashlini" (or however you spell it) needs no introduction and remains, in my mind, the most typical heavy metal song ever, this is exemplified by the AC/DC styled riff in the verse. "Diamonds and Rust" was the song that originally turned me on to this album, the song is excellent but really hits it's climax at the end with Halford singing "Diamonds...Diamonds and Rust!!!". And of course, who can forget the classic "Hell Bent for Leather", which is done exceptionally well live and will be stuck in anybodys (and I mean ANYBODYS) head. Halford doesn't exactly do much in the way of talking to the crowd with the exception of the usual "Thank you!".

No, Thank YOU, Rob and the rest of the band for giving us one of the best heavy metal albums to grace the planet.

"Get down on your knees and repent if you please!"

A true classic, own this or die knowing that you are missing a landmark piece of metal history.