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There Will Never Be A Better Live Album - 100%

Luvers666, July 6th, 2007

Unleashed In The East is an album that should be owned by not only Priest fans or metal heads but anyone who has the slightest understanding of real talented music, it is simply out of this world. One can always judge a bands true skill by how good they are in a live setting, when they summon their talent at will and are shown in raw form. Judas Priest does that here and give what is arguably the greatest heavy metal live album of all time, but perhaps the greatest live album period.

Rather it is Exciter, Running Wild, Sinner, The Ripper, The Green Manalishi, Diamonds And Rust, Victim of Changes, Genocide, Tyrant, Rock Forever, Delivering the Goods, Hell Bent for Leather, and Starbreaker, every song is performed so powerful it will reach in and pull out every desire you have and give further proof why Judas Priest is the greatest live heavy metal band ever.

Doing a song by song review here is pointless so let's stick to the best tracks, which is Genocide here, if that extended opening or closing sections don't pick you up and kick your ass all over the place then nothing ever will. The music is so vibrant and clear, yet never loses it's aggression. The rapping on the end and the haunting screams send the song and whoever is listening out of this world, climaxing and leaving you breathless.

The other highlight here is by far the finale(on the original US version) Tyrant. While totally awesome on Sad Wings Of Destiny this version here just blows away anything released before it. The first ever true thrash song was given a whole new life on this heart-stopping version which shows the band take all the originals potential and give a performance that is for the ages. This one song alone makes this album worthy of every penny you may spend for it, single-handedly the greatest live song ever recorded. Need any more proof of how great this version is? Then listen closely after that incredible third guitar solo and you will hear something you cannot hear at any other part of the album, during a song that is, the crowd goes absolutely crazy. Screaming in pleasure after the full minute of absolute greatness K.K. and Glenn rewards.

But every song is great and better than the studio version, especially Running Wild, the screams at the end is shocking and breath-taking. The "Sinner, Sinner, Sinner, Sinner, Sinner" part at the end is also that songs highlight.

Simply put nothing about this record is bad and as said before it should be owned by anyone who has any sense of real talented music, this will take your breath away and leave you floored no matter how many times you hear it. The greatest release by Judas Priest in the 1970's. Get It NOW.