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Totally.. fucking.. amazing - 100%

HawkMoon, August 11th, 2002

How does one review a live album? No use explaining the music since the songs (in most cases anyhow) are available on other albums. So I'm gonna do a little personal history instead, whether you like it or not.
(I will get back on the album after this, don't worry)

The thing is, Judas Priest is one of my absolute favorite metal bands, even if I don't mention it much I keep them very close to my heart. Just the other day I figured out why this particular band has that place, it's simply because they were one of the first metal acts I encountered. The reason I began to listen to them is a combination of a class mate of mine in seventh grade (we're still good friends) and my sister. I knew the guy listened to alot of metal and I guess I wanted to know what it was like. Anyway I saw the name Judas Priest among many others on one of his notebooks and I knew my oldest sis had some vinyls with them (she still has actually) so I thought I'd check em out.

And I'm glad I did cause otherwise I wouldn't listen to this album today. It's kinda funny though (or just weird) how time can affect your taste. I started out with 'Killing machine' and 'British steel' (and I still like those of course). I never really gave 'Sin after sin' or even 'Sad wings of destiny' their fair chance at first, but since I liked 'Killing machine' I eventually tried this live album and thought it was ok but nothing more. Maybe it was because it mainly contains songs off those albums I didn't listen to much or at all back in those days (this was approximately 8 years ago), I dunno.

However the fact is that today I totally worship this album as being the best live album ever, all categories. Not even Sabbath's "Live evil" is this perfect. The production is really fine for being 70's, you can even hear Ian Hill's bass tones.

I think the main reasons you can listen to this album longer than a month before you get tired of it (yeah good luck with that one.. I'm not, even after 6 years or something) is:

1. Even though it has brilliant tracklisting - none of the tracks are real "metal classics".. you know, songs that are constantly played in every metal fan's stereo until pure sickness, i.e. Iron Maiden - "Number of the beast" or "Run to the hills".. get the idea? Of course there are songs that can be considered classics here, but not as much as mentioned metal-hits anyway.

2. It's not just a cheap trick by the record label to get the band out of their contract and milk the fans on their hard-earned money, lots of feeling is put in here (production by Tom Allom, their main producer during the 80's - just a thing like that) and the band has never been better - Halford is in absolute top-shape, this is a great opportunity to hear why I hold this man as my favorite singer of all time.

Make sure you get the remaster-version though, cause it has 4 bonus tracks (10-13), the best you can get - they're the bonuses from the japanese version of the album and recorded at the same tour, I bought it recently and actually I've been waiting to get my hands on a version with those extra tracks.. ever since I bought the original version many years ago! So this remaster really was a blessing..