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Alright, I may be alone here, but.... - 93%

IWP, June 23rd, 2007

I consider this one of of Judas Priest greatest albums, yup you heard me. Sure, it may not be one of their most heaviest or most aggressive releases, and it sure as hell is no Painkiller or Stained Class, or even a Defenders Of The Faith, but it's defiantly one of their most catchiest album, and it's fun as hell to listen to. This album is not for everyone, especially if you're not a fan of glam/80s metal, but if you absolutely love the genre (like I do), than this album surely has something to offer for you.

In 1986, Judas Priest wanted to do something different for their next album. They decided to use guitar synthesizers which makes the whole album sound very 80s like. 1986 was also the year where glam metal's popularity was arguably at it's peak. As a result, many metal fans accused this band of "selling out", because of the amount of glam elements Turbo has. However, Judas Priest were already very popular at the time.

Onto the album now, my favorite songs on here have to be Turbo Lover, Locked In, and Rock You All Around The World. The first song has sets a pretty cool atmosphere with the guitar synthesizers, and it's very catchy. Locked In has some pretty cool lyrics, and that guitar solo is absolutely amazing. Rock You All Around The World is a pretty cool fast paced song, and it almost sound speed metalish if it weren't for the cheesy chorus. However, it's very fun to listen, in my opinion. Some other good songs on here are Parental Guidance, Out In The Cold, and Hot For Love. The first song reminds me of something that Bon Jovi would do in the 80s, with it's chorus. Out In The Cold is a ballad thta sets a great atmosphere. It has to be one of their best ballads. Hot For Love is an awesome 80s metal song with very catchy lyrics, and awesome guitar soloing. The worst song on here, even though it's still pretty good, is Private Property. It just isn't as interesting as the other songs on this album.

If you dig 80s metal, or if you just want a Judas Priest album that just sounds different, than defiantly pick Turbo up. However, if you don't like this style, than stay away from this album. After Turbo, Judas Priest would go on to continue to pursue their trademark heavy/speed metal sound, and they would nail it pefectly four years later on Painkiller. However, Turbo is the only album with this unique style of heavy/80s/glam metal fused together with a whole lot of fun in between, which is why I like it so much.