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Judas Priest - Win After Win - 90%

LiveNLetThrash, September 16th, 2015

In 1977 Judas Priest released their third full-length album entitled 'Sin After Sin'. For me, this is the perfect follow up to their second release 'Sad Wings of Destiny'. This is when the almighty metal gods found their 'formula'. What do I mean by this? By this, I mean their cohesive ability to write songs to their full capacity and in their own unique style. This 'formula' which I speak of is very apparent in their previous full-length release but not completely consistent yet. This album shows their experience kicking in and as a by-product of this they found the freedom to write a consolidated album in which I find myself in awe with every play. No matter how many times I listen to this gem I simply cannot get enough.

No other album opener from the top of my head can impact me so such as the 'Sinner' song found on this record. As soon as you are blasting this opener you know you're head banging! My favourite part in this song would definitely have to be the middle break down part. Just listen to the intensity of those guitar squeals! Yes, this album starts off with a right screamer. The album just flows nicely from here. Up next is a beautifully recorded cover of Joan Baez. Rob Halford continues to show just what a great vocalist he is by showcasing his huge vocal range.

What you will realise with this release of Judas Priest is the fact that it has everything on offer. If you want a faster paced belter then you have songs like 'Sinner', 'Let Us Pray', 'Dissident Aggressor' and if you want a slow paced ballad then you've got songs like 'Diamonds and Rust', 'Last Rose of Summer' and 'Here Comes the Pain'. The album will literally take you on a journey bringing you up and taking you back down to earth at those most crucial moments. There are also a couple of mid-paced songs which are great too, 'Starbreaker' and 'Raw Deal'. As you know Judas Priest love to harmonize their melodies and riffs and this album doesn't lack in that department. Sweet harmonisations followed by crushing riffs (just listen to Sinner for a slice of this action). If we move on to the musicians you will find Simon Phillips on the drums. I thought he provided a great performance. Bass on the album is audible and good but that's about as far as I'll take that. The best performers as always come from the guitarists (Tipton and Downing) and vocalist Rob Halford.

'Sin After Sin' is definitely a must need for all heavy metal maniacs out there. This is simply an inspiring and very enjoyable album to listen to. I believe it deserves to be in every metal fans music collection and that goes for anyone who's into the more extreme side of metal because quite frankly without bands like Judas Priest raising the bar with such albums like this I seriously don't know how metal would have evolved.

My personal opinion tells me for the worse!