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A veteran band hard at work - 82%

langstondrive, April 9th, 2006

Priest are in top form, even after over 30 years together. The concert, filmed in front of Japanese fans, has the band tearing though several classic songs, and only a few not-so-good sections of the performance. Production wise, the vocals are loud and up front, and the guitars and crisp and tight. Ian Hill's bass is a steady pulse (a good subwoofer is recommended), and the drums are clear.

Negative points on the DVD are some of the cheesy camera angles (I mean, this is a 2005 release), such as the 4 way splitscreen, and even a star fade (if i remember correctly). Also, a few unworthy songs are performed; Diamonds and Rust is entirely acoustic, and while it may have been boosted in 'emotion' or whatever, it's lacking that killer opening riff. Hot Rockin' is decently performed, but again, the song itself is pretty lame. The new material goes by well with the fans, who eat up pretty much anything Halford says or does (including the somewhat annoying chanting before the last song, You've Got Another Thing Comin'.

Highlights? Of course; The Ripper, Breaking the Law and Painkiller are rendered brilliantly by a trained veteran band, and Halford's still great shrieks pepper the latter. Beyond the Realms of Death saves a near 5 song shitstream near the middle of the performance, with 2 pretty bad newer songs, and then Turbo Lover. However, they really get their shit together at the end of the concert, ending with 5 great songs after Hellrider.

A good DVD, a worthy purchase. Much better than anything live released during the Ripper era.