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Fist pumping classics - 100%

shantanupatni1991, February 12th, 2009

Here we have two songs from the mighty Priest’s 1988 release, Ram It Down. This was Dave Holland's last album with the band and god, does he bring a whole new dimension to their sound or what! While Priest’s fans during the might have thought their band’s music is sacrosanct, the band members were probably thinking otherwise when they chose this completely new sound with the drums. The music has reached a whole new level.

Dave’s uncontrollable energy and the other members’ need to keep up with him pushes the music beyond limits of virtuosity. Rob Halford displays his incredible range and variety in vocal techniques, going with the flow and trying something completely new in “Heavy Metal”, a heavy metal anthem by the mere looks of it. Glenn & K.K. make audiences realize they can shred the shit out of the useless wankers out there with those electrifying and invigorating solos in the title track.

The sheer intensity, viciousness and ferocity of this release will captivate you like a storm. If you’ve only heard their 70s and early 80s stuff, you’ll be blown away by seeing what this band is capable of and you won’t believe that the band which got you into metal with “Breaking The Law” is the same which wrote something as fast as Ram It Down.

And ladies and gentlemen, this isn’t even half as good as the album with which this same band reached an unbelievable level of perfection in its genre. I’m talking about Painkiller, yup; you still haven’t seen the true rage and fire of these metal gods. Though I recommend you wear a helmet and seat belt before you try that out.