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Very good, indeed - 84%

Lade, April 25th, 2008

Many so-called 'professional' reviewers have bashed this album for being of very inferior quality and showcasing Judas Priest rapidly declining as a band. Well, I say fuck them, because Priest really comes alive on this album!
The album contains a decent mix of old and new songs, good and bad ones
The tracks range between ones that suck, and have always sucked, like 'Out in the Cold' and 'Turbo Lover', songs that sound pretty much like the originals, albeit with a crowd of fans going nuts, like 'Some Heads Are Gonna Roll' and 'Heading Out to the Highway', and songs that actually work out really good as live tracks, 'Metal Gods' and, especially, 'Living After Midnight' really stand out here.

One of the coolest things about livealbuma is, obviously, the whole 'live feeling', and that works out really well on this album. Hearing the crowd go crazy shouting 'Priest! Priest! Priest! Priest!' and their satisfied cheering when Halford reveals one classic after another is something really awesome.
Some tracks, most obviously 'Breaking the Law', suffer from the mistake that many bands do live: it's played at a way way way too fast speed, which suits it really badly, and destroys the otherwise so beloved riff...
On the other hand, when 'Living After Midnight' kicks off, I tend to get goosebumps because of the collective shouts from the crowd - a really really awesome feeling. Also, the solo in the song has been changed and is a great improvement over the original.

There are almost no of Judas Priest's early songs present on the album - actually there are none from the pre-British Steel era, so this works nice as a continuation where Unleashed in the East left off.

Some of Halford's speeches honestly tend to get annoying at times, when he for the sixth time starts shouting 'Let me hear you say OH YEAH!' and you start thinking 'get on with it already!'.
However, these things are insignificant and overall this IS a very good live record, and can be recommended to any Priest fan that like this stuff from British Steel and up.