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Another compilation? - 71%

Black_Metal_Elite, September 18th, 2008

How many of these have been released in the past year? I occasionally pick up one for myself, my friend, and if you really want-- your boyfriend/girlfriend. In fact, this could probably ease one of them into metal (if that is your intention). Why do I say that? Well it is sort of structured for it. By now most of you have heard all these songs, except possibly the Sin after Sin song "Dissident Aggressor". Sadly, there is nothing new brought to the table here besides a live version. I don't know why the hell they recorded yet another (!) best compilation when they could just as easily stockpiled on their old compilations which contain exactly the same tracks, if not more.

I picked up a CD that was a compilation for the hell of it about a year or two ago, and it was fantastic. It had more live versions, more songs, and thus a longer play time. This is sort of a cash-grab if you ask me. I mean, yes you could use it to get someone into metal (notice how the tracks go from mainstream to metal [climaxing at Painkiller])-- but you've heard all this before on 100 other compilations. There is not a single point to this besides the $$$. I would recommend this only to people who need to pay the full price for a new live song, or those who had no idea who Judas Priest are. Even then, I would tell them to get another compilation.

The song choices aren't bad. I have no idea what is with the last two songs to be honest. All Guns Blazing... probably didn't sell the best. I would have expected Leather Rebel, or A Touch Of Evil. Revolution is the most overplayed song and the worst on the Angel Of Retribution CD, so I can't understand why it is on here.

Other than that, It sums up Judas Priest pretty well, despite the fact it has forgotten about Rocka Rolla and Sad Wings Of Destiny. Neglecting Victim of Changes was a bad move. Any compilation that is considered their "best of" without that song... isn't a true "best of". I know they can't do it because they pretend it never existed (yet they play it live... nice job forgetting it) because of the record label, but they could have done maybe a re-hash of it like Gamma Ray did with Blast from the Past... or better yet, do a live version of it! They have no problem doing live versions for good songs, so this shouldn't be a problem.

Neglecting the annoying sellout'ish factor laced with this CD, it is pretty decent. Without the above flaws, this could have worked out to be a decent compilation. Oh well...