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Great Album - 100%

Schneider225, December 9th, 2011

I felt that I needed to leave a review for this album because it is probably my favorite Judas Priest album. Although some of the lyrics in the song in this album can be a bit cheesy, it is still great due to the fact that Rob Halford is singing them.

To start out, the title track, "Painkiller", starts out and just instantly crushes you. The drum solo at the beginning is just spectacular. Even the first guitar solo is amazing. This whole song just crushes you for the whole 6 minutes and is easily the best song on the album. I was once watching "That Metal Show" and Rob Halford was a guest on it and the audience was asking him questions and one of them was asked what is the greatest song ever. Rob Halford replied that the greatest song ever was "Painkiller", and I must say that I will agree with him. This is just a kick ass song.

The next songs, "Hell Patrol" and "All Guns Blazing", are also awesome. The guitar parts and drumming in it are just great. I also personally feel that the chorus of these songs rock. When the high scream comes up in the song "Hell Patrol", it is probably my favorite part of the song. The song that comes after that, "Leather Rebel", is another fantastic song. The opening guitar riff (fast and heavy) is what instantly tells you that it will be a great song. Even the chorus of this song is just like classic Priest, having the high pitch scream in the background and it is just awesome.

"Metal Meltdown" is what comes next and the opening guitar solo in that song is remarkable and even when that ends and the rest of the song starts, it is fast and awesome. The song "Night Crawler" is also amazing. It opens up with kind of an eerie sound to it which is what to me adds some of the greatness to it. The style of how Halford does the vocals is just amazing and with his voice right beside that is a key to making this song awesome.

To sum it all up, this is maybe the greatest metal album of all time and I would recommend any metal head to listen to it. The intensity and the speed throughout the whole album is just fantastic and is why i love it so much. You are just amazed with the whole 46 minutes that it plays and you will not be able to resist to head bang or at least move your head a little bit when listening to this.

I can do this for all of the songs on this album. I think that all of them are really good. I have heard some people say that this isn't a good Judas Priest album. Sure it isn't like other Judas Priest albums but that doesn't mean that it is bad. I just can't fathom why people would think that this album isn't as good as the other Judas Priest albums. I must say that this is probably my favorite Judas Priest album along with "Screaming For Vengeance."