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A definite letdown from the previous, but not bad - 70%

UltraBoris, August 7th, 2002

This album is no Stained Class - the songs are far simpler, and not nearly as consistent. Also, since it's a studio album from before 1979, I must mention that any song found here and on Priest in the East will sound far better there.

And there are a lot of songs on here that are on there too: six in fact - "Delivering the Goods", "Rock Forever", "Hell Bent for Leather", "Green Manalishi", "Running Wild", and "Evil Fantasies".

On here, Hell Bent for Leather totally rules, as it always does - that little solo in the middle is completely godly. Green Manalishi and Rock Forever are far more fun with the crowd singing along. Delivering the Goods and Running Wild are nice here too. Evil Fantasies is pretty mediocre in the studio, it's about 100x as good live.

As for the songs here but not there: Evening Star is a fun little ballad with a nice sweeping chorus. Burnin' Up is pretty average midpaced Priest with silly lyrics. Take on the World is "We Will Rock You" except not by Queen, and I have always found it horrible. Killing Machine is midpaced Priest and generally well executed and catchy, and Before the Dawn is kinda forgettable.

Overall, it's one of their weaker albums, though it does have its definite highlights. "Hell Bent for Leather" - it really doesn't get much better than this as far as speed metal is concerned, it's a definite canonical example of how to play fast, furious, and right to the point. "Delivering the Goods" is probably the other great song, and "Running Wild" is pretty nifty too - must be to have given the name to such a great speed metal band!