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One day, five British men walked into a studio. - 100%

raspberrysoda, August 24th, 2015

And this isn't a beginning of a joke. These five men happen to be Judas Priest and together they recorded these two heavy metal classics. This promotional single off of 1977's "Sin After Sin" features two Judas Priest tracks, and was the perfect choice for a promotional single.

Side A features "Dissident Aggressor," which could be perceived as a forerunner to thrash metal (Slayer mentioned Judas Priest as one of their key influences and even covered this track), as it features some very tight palm muted riffing by KK Downing and Glenn Tipton, double bass drumming (a thing not seen again until Accept's "Fast As a Shark") and the last but not least, Rob Halford's vocals. As the atmosphere of the track settles down, Halford unleashes a banshee scream that even King Diamond couldn't handle by himself. His vocal range is far beyond any vocal range in metal, and plays a crucial part in the entire Judas Priest discography, especially around this period. The riffs solos here are also worth mentioning, as they are traded between Downing and Tipton and feature 16th notes, which is another renovation Judas Priest featured and used until today in every genre of metal.

Side B features "Diamonds and Rust," a cover of a folk rock song by Joan Baez. This version has no folk characteristics, but it still gives respect to the original version. The guitar parts are altered to fit the atmosphere of "Sin After Sin", as they were sped up and distorted. They accompany the tight drumming that is heard throughout the album, and last but not least Rob's mesmerizing vocal delivery, which is the most notable thing this single features.

This single shows perfect musicianship, great lyrics and an overall perfect performance of two perfect songs. Mandatory for any metal fan.