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Dark, Sinister Priest - 90%

DeathRiderDoom, May 23rd, 2009

Judas Priest – Deceiver

Another great ‘Priest single with two strong numbers. I fucking love the artwork which is of course a slight development of the full-length artwork for ‘Sad Wings’ – classic heavy metal artwork. Anyway, the early Priest sound on here is great, if a little more simplistic than much of their later stuff.

‘Deciever’ itself is a strong number that starts off with a cool simplistic riff that I really enjoy. Anyway, the gallopy kinda quality that comes out with the three guitars is really neat, and I like the prominence of bass that’s evident in this track – particularly that verse riff. This cut is a very guitar driven song with incredible soaring vocals by the always impressive Rob. The acoustic twin guitar stuff at the end is memorable, and sounds great through headphones - Solid number.

‘The Ripper’ is a phenomenal track that I’ve always had a proclivity for. The subject matter is tackled excellently by Rob, who crafts out some awesome lyrics in this original approach to a (contemporarily) popular song subject. I f**king love what he does with the lyrics, for example – “except for the ripper – or if you like Jack The Knife” – f**king brilliant. Theres plenty of other little devices that work to create a truly memorable number – such as the creepy, sinister high-pitched guitar squeals at the start, and the section with the vocal “you’re in for a shock” “aaaaaaaaaaaah” –iv’e always loved that bit. This track is an amazing symphony, with great things going on throughout that makes for an absolute thrill to listen to – particularly when walking past graveyards on cold, wet winter nights.

Both songs thoroughly enjoyable and excellent (no big surprise – it’s ‘Priest after all). I like the packaging of these two numbers together feeling it was a good choice. Both of these ones are pretty dark, with ‘The Ripper’ clearly dealing with some nasty subject matter. I guess I prefer the latter as a favourite, perhaps due to the subject matter and excellent vocal devices I mentioned earlier. Get it.