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Yes, this is a comeback with vengeance! - 95%

MetalXTool, February 1st, 2005

This, this is what you call a comeback! The Priest is back! Oh man am I thrilled to hear a new Judas Priest record in the year 2005, with Rob Halford back on vocals! Seeing these guys at Ozzfest last year made me believe hard and strong they still had it, well Im glad to say I was right!

Right from the start you knew Priest was back with a vengeance(This line was used but it was the first thing that came to my mind) and ready to rule the metal world once again. The opening of the record comes off strong, with some light guitar playing that could give a man chills. Halford comes tells it like it is on the first track, Judas is Rising! Man this guy can still sing like this? I couldn't believe it when I had the honor of seeing them live, but shit!

If you think it's over better think again! Yes! If you think it is over, well think again buddy. Priest are calling you for an ass kicking. "Revolution" the first single on the new record. Now when I heard it I will admit, it took some growing on me. I did not hate it at all, but I was hoping for more of a painkiller sound to it. Well each and every time I heard I liked it even more. Just knowing the Priest was back and still putting out quality work like this was good enough for me.

"Deal With The Devil", boy oh boy my favorite track on the album. Now I will admit there is nothing special or amazing about this song. The thing that gets me is the classic sound it has to it and with Robs awesome voice...damn does it capture me. The duo of Tipton and KK is just top notch. Lets not look over the drums though, really nice loud beats that stand out. The song is the total package for a classic in the making. "Demonizer", the name along sounds Priest like. Really just a full out assault of the ears from all over. OUT DEMONS OUT!

"Worth Fighting For" and "Angel" are both the more mellow tracks of the new record. Both songs give the album a real nice break from the pure aggression the other songs have in them. Robs voice is truly one of the Gods. After all these years he can still sing like this, god damn! Really beautiful songs that make me love Judas Priest even more. Angel is more of the standout mellow track as the guitars are really toned down while Robs voice is powerful yet mellow as can be.

"Hellrider" is the final track right before the 13 minute behemoth that is to come. This sounds like something you want to hear when you are about to march into war! This very easily could have been on Painkiller 15 years ago, just awesome stuff right here. Again, another song that fits Judas Priest so well. You want riffs? HELLRIDER! The final track on this epic is the 13 minute plus track "Lochness". Really a fine way to end such a great album, mellow, strong, fast, mellow, strong, fast. Again the guitar duo of KK and Tipton are just awesome and with Rob just doing what he does best it really makes you wonder how these guys still do it.

This ladies and gentleman is classic Judas Priest that is coming to you in the year 2005. I know I sound like a damn sales person here, but I am trying to make you all believers on Judas Priest returning to the top. This album is what metal is all about, excellent vocals, lyrics, solid guitar playing and when you got Judas Priest doing can't go wrong