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Strong Judas Priest album. - 90%

AjaxWarrior, August 31st, 2011

Even though Judas Priest has been a good band from the start (early 70's) in my opinion, they didn't explode until the 90's/2000nds. Painkiller, which had a very big impact on the world of heavy metal in 1990, helped Priest prove that they were far from dead. And in 2005 came Angel of Retribution, maybe not as fulfilled as the pre-mentioned Painkiller, but still a very very good Judas Priest album.

The overall sound of the album is that of liquid steel coming straight from the stereo. Utterly heavy and ferocious (with the exeption of Worth Fighting For and Angel) Angel of Retribution delivers a sound fans of heavy music should love! Fans of Judas Priest's heavier sound, developed from 1990 and forwards know whats coming. Gone is both the gloomy, somewhat depressive 70's Priest sound (small traces can be heard in Revolution though), and the more positive upbeat 80's Priest sound (also this sound can be found however in Deal with the Devil). Angel of Retribution instead delivers metal fit for the 2000nds. Well-produced crisp clear sound with plenty of artistic energy. You might think a band like Judas Prist, that's been along for so long would loose their energy and attitude after so many years in the music buisness, but Priest proves over and over again that they deserve their unofficial, but greatly accepted title "Metal Gods".

When it comes to the songs on the album, Judas Rising, Deal With The Devil, Demonizer, Wheels of Fire and Hellrider are all mid- to fast tempo songs. Aggressive and energetic, these are the songs you are most likely to remember if you don't like slow metal. However, if you do, you might like the rest of the album, which contains some calmer songs, and even two ballads: Angel and Worth Fighting For. These songs are more emotional in their lyrics, opposed to the other half of the album, where the lyrics mostly revolve around demons, motorcycles and heavy metal. Revolution and Loch Ness are the only songs on the album not as energetic as most of the songs, but still not ballads.

So how are the musicians you ask? Glenn and K.K are excelent, as usual. Very solid riffing and many good solos. This is what the duo of Tipton and Downing are famous for, and they don't let their fans down. Scott Travis shows of some impressiv drumming skills, and Rob never seems to loose that high pitched voice of his. Ian Hill delivers some strong base, especialy on Worth Fighting For.

As a whole, I'm not afraid to say this is one of Judas Priest's strongest albums. As one of my personal favorites, I give Angel of Retribution a score of 90/100.