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Very interesting (re)start of John's career - 80%

makaze, October 15th, 2004

John Arch, ex-frontman of Fates Warning is one of the walking legends of progressive metal scene and some time ago he crawled out of the shadow through his newly formed solo project, simply called - John Arch. Of course, he gathered some of the top-ranking musicians: Jim Matheos with who John played in Fates Warning; Joey Vera (Armored Saint, Fates Warning, Engine, Seven Witches); and famous Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, Transatlantic, etc). "A Twist Of Fate" is Arch's debut release, an EP with only two songs, but more than 28 minutes of total playtime! Now that's really a something. Since the songwriting was pretty much individual (each of this guys did their job, recorded instruments, and passed stuff to the other) this EP sounds quite good. Opening track "Relentless" features one of the sickest vocals I have heard in some time. Crazy, dude! Since John and Jim have been working on O.S.I. at the same time this song was written, there are some obvious influences. But here, the music is much more natural and not so electronic-oriented. Acoustic guitars, nice keyboards, good guitar work (what else did you expected). "Cheyenne" is much more sympho-like, bringing the classical atmosphere back to life. Acoustic guitars are now used much intensively and melodies are floating naturally. "A Twist Of Fate" is very dynamic, but then again very natural sounding album. Something like Opeth do in their song constructions. Technically very strong release from one of the progressive metal originals, John Arch. Good start of his solo career.