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Is This Really Job for a Cowboy? - 95%

my_wiener, July 7th, 2009

When I heard there was a new Job for a Cowboy release, I had to check it out. Not because I like the band, because I really don't, but because their last album Genesis was a vast improvement on their putrid Doom EP and I thought that if they kept it up they could release a great album. So I went out and picked this up.

The album starts out with "Unfurling a Darkened Gospel", which sounds very much like something off Genesis. It's a good song overall, the drumming is fast and nothing in his kit goes unused, there is a pretty nice guitar solo, and the whole song is very catchy. But around the 2:00 mark, the song hits my biggest problem with the album: the high vocals. Mr. Davy decided it would be a great idea to take the low vocals from Genesis and combine them with the highs from Doom. It wasn't. They're still considerably better than they were on Doom, but they get annoying. Thankfully he doesn't use them much.

Next comes "Summon the Hounds", which also sounds like a song they wrote for Genesis but went unused (which is quite possibly true). Overall, very, very similar to the first track, which is a good thing.

The next track is "Constitutional Masturbation". This seems like the first track that wouldn't seem at home on Genesis. It shows a style that they showed briefly on the first two songs but just now comes out fully. Nice, fast riffs and well-executed slower passages that give the vocals a chance to shine. The band is definitely more technical than on their last offering.

But there really isn't any point reviewing the rest of the tracks, as they all pretty much follow the template of one of the first 3 songs. The band has definitely improved, enough to get this album a good score from me. They ditched the breakdowns from Doom and kept the more coherent style from Genesis, but polished it much more. The best song on here is probably "Constitutional Masturbation" which sets the template (thankfully, very well) for the rest of the album with the exception of the annoying and drawn-out "March to Global Enslavement".

I never thought I would enjoy ANYTHING Job for a Cowboy put out after a godawful EP and a barely mediocre full-length, but this is really a great album. I really wanted to hate this album, this IS the band that made "Entombment of a Machine" after all. But I really couldn't bring myself to say anything really bad about it. The band has matured and is now a band I would recommend to anyone who enjoys death metal but doesn't mind a bit of deathcore influence.