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Bang! Bang! I’m a cowboy! - 16%

linkavitch, July 9th, 2009

I’ve never heard any other work from this band to be honest, and after listening to this I hope I never do either. How do I describe this album? It is basically deathcore posing as death metal. It is a very bland, linear, and repetitive album that carries most of the deathcore clichés, only they try to act like actual death metal.

Since it reminds me of deathcore, might as well explain the vocals. They are a mixed bunch of low death growls, fake blackish shrieks, and pig squeals here and there. The vocalist also uses a very linear pattern. By that I mean that he will start the verse with growls, and then switch to shrieks, then back to growls, then shrieks, and so on. Once in a while he throws a pig squeal in the mix instead of a shriek, but other than that the vocals are very predictable and boring. When you’re listening to the different vocal styles in each song only the growls are of any interest. The shrieks are rather mediocre sounding like he can’t hit that high, and the pig squeals…well they sound like pig squeals.

The rest of the band instrumentally wise is also very bland and boring. The guitars are generally your basic chug riffing repeated over and over throughout the verses, generally inaudible bass except for maybe in the breakdown section. A lot of the songs have a slower passage at the end of the track where the vocals “shine” their best when you just realize how obnoxious they really are. The production is decent I guess, the guitars are bold and don’t sound muddy or anything like that. This album I would guess would be a somewhat of a technical album, but just because you got a decent production and slow passages in your songs doesn’t really cut it to be tech death also. Now if you want to talk about the drumming this guy uses double kicks on every song for almost the entire song. It drowns out the rest of the drumming and gets repetitive quickly and you just realize how much of a mediocre drummer he really is.

Well this is basically generic deathcore only labeled as death metal most likely because the vocals are not fully that pig squealing bree bree bullshit. This album is bland, linear, repetitive, uninspired and at the end of the day a waste of money. Hell even Cannibal Corpse is more creative than these guys, and they’ve released the same album for over twenty years now.