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Job For An Insomniac - 55%

Acherontic, October 22nd, 2009

Job For A Cowboy just doesn't know what they need to do. Ruination is just like Genesis, a slab of generic and airy semi-technical Death Metal that oozes along with no direction. It's death metal for death metal's sake, and JFAC aren't even doing a good job. It's cleanly-produced, yes, but it's also uninspired and devoid of any kind of innovation at all.

This album was made to sell, not to be good. From the very beginning JFAC have exploited social networking to garner massive amounts of attention, and having slightly above-par deathcore kept them from being shot down by everyone. Suddenly, the band realizes that their fans are retards and they want to be death metal... or is this epiphany a facade? Despite touting themselves as a death metal band, Job For A Cowboy have really done a piss-poor job, and they're an insult to real hardworking metal bands everywhere.

The opening track sounds like Death Metal in that the necessary elements are in place, but it still feels like Metalcore. In less than a minute, you can actually understand that this isn't real death metal and it should be killed with fire as soon as possible. The solo is played flawlessly, but it's still machinated. Really, that's JFAC's "death metal" in a nutshell - clean and well-produced music that may as well have been played by a finely-tuned robot. No soul, no passion, just a vague attempt to commercialize heavy metal... and to the MTV crowd, no less. Play a certain riff here, do this vocal style, then this vocal style, now slow down... no wait, speed up. BE BRUTAL. This album is to death metal what processed American Cheese is to fine imported European cheese. Hershey chocolate to Lindt chocolate. Mass-produced bullshit for people that don't know what real Metal is. The whole album is practically one long track; the entire thing blends together and it's very forgettable. The only possible exception is that the last track is very slow, and has the barest hint of something more than the rest of the album. Overall -- nothing new here folks, nothing to see at all... move along and find something better.

The band really should have stuck with the "Doom" EP that they put out. At least there was something to be heard there, even if most metalheads hate it. It had energy and musicianship that was actually interesting, instead of a bland forty-minute snoozefest. This is even a step down from their last album Genesis, which is really sad. Will Job For A Cowboy get the hint from the Metal community and stop raping Death Metal as a genre? Probably not, but we can hope.