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Not For Everyone, But It Is For Me! - 95%

sacrificial_curse, April 22nd, 2008

Job For A Cowboy is one of my favorite bands. I have seen them a couple of times, and they are always awesome. This is the follow up to their Doom E.P. which is also amazing, but this album is much more technical and death metal. The Doom E.P. was more deathcore, still good, but this sounds more death metal influenced.

The drums on this album are great. There arent any mistakes or mess ups. They are perfect. The variety and complexity form together to create an amazing album. The drums on Genesis are much better than on the Doom E.P. The doulbe bass is five times faster, and the blast beats are more precise.

The guitars are great also, but the solos are lacking compared to the Doom E.P. The riffs have become more complicated, but the solos are just not as good. They are also only like 10 seconds long. The bass still has the slide up and down thing, which is cool.

With a change of vocalist, it is always hard to bring in a new style and still sound some what the same, but JFAC did it well. There are no pig vocals on this album, and there are only a few times when the high voice is going by itself, but the vocals are still amazing. He sounds like he was born to do this. Job For A Cowboy is a great band. This gets a 95 from me. It would have gotten 100, but they could have done without the two ambient tracks, and the solos could have been better and longer.