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"And then the obsession kicks in..." - 87%

m00n5p311r1t3s, July 22nd, 2007

After hearing Doom, I was left relatively unimpressed. It was a fairly badly written, irritating mesh of breakdowns, pig squeals and not enough general style to it. So, my first impressions left me kind of... discouraged to getting any more of their albums. After a quick listen to Embedded, I realised that this band was about to rend it's -core influences.

So, what do we have with Genesis, then?

Well, Billy, I'll tell you; We've got relentless Death Metal.

Instrumentally, it has become much better, due to the incredible catchy yet heavy riffs. The drumming is not as good as before, I'll be the first to admit. However, it uses more blast beats and as a whole, does not put a bad impact on the music. In terms of bass, it is more used to give the riffs direction, and it tends to work the majority of the time. Vocally, Jonny has become dramatically better, cutting out the bree bree's and using much more low, death metal growling, with the occasional interjection of a bit of screaming.

The lyrics used are intelligent and very catchy. One feels the need to sing along far too much throughout them. Because the album follows one theme (the anti christ taking over the world via manipulation of conformists and prophecies involving embedding chips into people) it is able to display alot of intelligent language. One protest I might have about the song writing is that the songs are repetitive, rather than having variations on lyrics. In Embedded, for example, the first few lines are repeated quite a few times. In the Divine Falsehood, the verse is repeated four or five times. The same in the majority of tracks. However, I blame this on situation, as, in an interview, Jonny said the songwriting was extremely stressful as they were looking for a new drummer in the process.

Overall, a worth buying album, it sounds like Behemoth mixed with Cannibal Corpse with a little essence of Nile in there.

The Best tracks are: "Bearing the Serpent's Lamb," "Reduced to Mere Filth," & "Embedded."