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Total Tripe and Waste - 10%

corviderrant, September 29th, 2007

I am giving this a rating of 10 because at least it's well-produced if nothing else. Production does not always a record make, mind you. That said...

This a totally soulless regurgitation of influences, chief among them any number of Ozzfest stomp rock nonsense bands like Daath and the usual melo-death suspects. The only reason it's getting any notice at all it because it's a Metal Blade product and getting pimped hard by Brian Slagel. Because believe you me, this is not worthy of anything other than ridicule. Their youth shows in their clunky arrangements and overall level of derivativeness. This doesn't flow well at all. The blasting parts especially feel contrived, like they were put there so JFAC could say "See, we're death metal!"

And as others said, yes, the guitarists are a joke. Generic riffing and boring non-solos don't fly in the big leagues. Maybe in the trendy hipster circles where irony rules supreme, but not to us serious metal junkies. Without riffs, you have nothing, and all the triggered drums in the world won't save you there. While the drummer has some skill, take those things off of his kit to see how well he can really hang, is my thought. And yeah, the bass sounds pretty goos when you can hear it, but that doesn't add much of anything.

And the vocals are again totally generic growls and screams delivering some of the lamest lyrics I've yet read. Silly faux-Satanic imagery and apocalyptic imagery are awkwardly juxtaposed into a laughably weak portrait of a baby band not worthy of a record contract. And yet...these boys are CO-HEADLINING with Behemoth in the States this fall? They merit this how, after listening to this joke of an album, is my question.

If you see any redeeming value in this album, then you know nothing of true metal. Avoid! Avoid! And keep your hands clean of this taint in favor of something worthy of your time.