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Dissapointment - 40%

ProjektTerror, August 18th, 2007

Like so many other, I purchased Genesis on the hype alone. JFAC are metal's most recent inspirational story, a group of 5 teenagers whose demo on MySpace earned them a record deal with Metal-Blade. Their Doom EP did not impress me, but I assumed a full length released on a reputable label would be a vast improvement.

That's not so much the case.

JFAC have done little to diversify the stagnant DeathCore genre. This band evidently worships Circle of Dead Children, Cannibal Corpse, and Animosity. But whereas each of the aformentioned is impressive in their own right, JFAC is a diluted combination of the three.

Vocally, the pig squeals and grunts are standard fare. The drummer is fast, but plays without any real rythmic sensibility or willingness to embellish the songs. The guitarists are talented, but nevertheless, fail to apply it in their brief lead breaks. This album is a shitstorm of tremolo picking, breakdowns, blastbeats, and Cookie Monster impersonations. And the ambient bits... Bleh.

But really, JFAC are proof a concept more than a cohesive act. I cannot recommend it under any cirucmstances.