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A Deathcore Makeover - 79%

MetalStrikesDown, October 10th, 2007

Many know Job for a Cowboy as Job for a SceneBoy, Coreboy, ShitBoy, etc. The band is generally hated in the metal community, and generally loved in the HxC community. But I don’t see what the problem is with them now. The band totally changed their approach to music. They released their EP it seems to get attention fast from people, but then quickly changed their style to what they truthfully love. I am rewriting a past review of this album where I gave it a 90%, that was probably more out of anger than love for the album. I still thoroughly enjoy the album but after my anger has calmed I listened more closely to what was going on and lowered the grade a bit.

I will say that I was genuinely surprised when the first song started. I was all prepared for an over-cheesy breakdown, ready for some pig squeals and bree bree’s, or a massive bass drop, but none of them happened. Well I guess I am still sort of pissed off a bit at how people perceive this album, or maybe it’s because I am currently listening to the album; either way the album makes me angry and wanting more.

Since I am a sucker for clear production that got me right off the bat. There are pointless spots in the album though, also known as interludes, but these interludes do not go with the music and are not even cool. The one interlude is called Blasphemy, and that is exactly what it is. The vocals are probably the best part of the album for me. They are completely monotone, with the exception of the other vocalist who chimes in once in a while. The vocals are good because I can actually tell what the hell he is saying and it still sounds evil; such is the problem with many death metal bands.

The instrumentals are finely crafted. There are several parts within the album that I can pick out where the same riff is played or the same drum pattern is played. That I will say is a major flaw, but the musicians are talented and I think they will just keep making better music than they are right now. Maybe they won’t though because they are already stealing music from themselves maybe they have run out of ideas and will have to rip off other bands, well we won’t know until the next album. Anyways they throw a couple mediocre solos in the album, short and boring, so don’t be excited that they implemented solos. The drums seem to be double bass up the ass, a lot of filler; but they are finely triggered. The drummer is good though, he just needs to find out that he can play other things. The bass is finely played, nothing special but there are little parts where it sounds cool and that’s about it, no bass solos here. They still need the random ass bass line in one of their songs that every death metal band needs to accomplish before the end of their career.

The weaker points in the album are easily the boring ass pointless interlude parts, then the failure of an attempt at an epic track The Divine Falsehood and then the following track Coalescing Prophecy, which does contain the cheesy breakdown. I can see the reasoning behind the album being boring and generic. Highlights would have to be Bearing the Serpant's Lamb. Altered From Catechization, and Martyrdom Unsealed. The first two mentioned are just great death metal tracks and stick in the mind very well. The last one just seems like a balls out attempt for headbanging, slow chunky riffs with fast drums make this song a catchy and fun, but it also has one of the foiled attempts at a good solo.

If you are a fan of clear production and finely crafted death metal, a fan of non-gimmicks, and a fan of kids just having a shitload of fun doing what they’ve always dreamed of doing pick up Genesis. If not well yea you fail at life.