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Why all the hate...? - 90%

Magero, September 29th, 2007

Well, as one of the few people here who actually seem to LIKE Genesis, I thought I'd give it a shot at writing a review for it. I, like many, first heard JFAC through myspace. I heard "Entombment of a Machine" at a friend’s house and loved it, so I downloaded the "Doom EP". And yea, Entombment was about the only song that impressed me. The rest was all fairly standard deathcore (although the vocals are killer). When I heard "Embedded" on the band's myspace, I was blown away by how quickly they had progressed. I waited patiently and when "Genesis" was released, I ended up buying a copy. And to be honest?

I was very...VERY impressed with the band basically abandoning the deathcore title and taking on a more technical/brutal death metal stance. The intro track, "Bearing The Serpent's Lamb" launches straight in and hits you in the face with a completely brutal riff, and the album doesn't let up until the "filler" pieces come in (namely, "Upheaval" and "Blasphemy"). The production has been stepped up on this (kind of obvious really) and every note, every word, every drum hit is clear and clean (for metal).

Both guitarists, Ravi and Bobby, have really stepped up their game on this album so that the riffs are varied, concise, technical, yet catchy and still brutal. The bass isn’t a stand out here, but the fact that he can keep up is not something to be sniffed at. The drumming however, is insane. Elliot Sellers, the band’s ex-drummer, did the recordings and the man is definitely a drummer to be reckoned with. While he may not be on the same level as say… Dave Haley from Psycroptic, or Flo Mounier from Cryptopsy, he is still a beast, blast beating his way through the entire album almost, throwing in fills at random intervals and still keeping the music going. The vocals have been trimmed back a bit since “Doom”, and they aren’t as varied, being limited to a mid-level growl for most of the album, with the occasional scream. Actually, to my ears, the vocals being limited on this album is probably the only “major” flaw. That and how short the album is.

Yes, this album, excluding the filler tracks, is just under 30 minutes long. Which is a tiny bit disappointing really. But, no matter, as this album is still a killer record. Recently I had a chance to see JFAC on tour and they played most of this album live and just nailed it, showing that even at a young age (the average age in the band is 18/19) they can keep up with the pros.