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Death Metal? - 70%

Deathamphetamine, May 4th, 2007

Well let me start off by saying, there are almost no slams [breakdowns] on this album. It's loaded with solos, deathgrowls and pissed off blast beats. This is a good thing, and a bad thing at the same time. Job For A Cowboy developed deathcore and practically started it, they became huge on myspace, got signed to a huge label, and made a pure.. death metal album? I mean, it's a little too progressive for its own good, as well as a little strange and unlikely. This album sounds like a cross between Decapitated and Krisiun, believe it or not.

Another thing that should should be recognized is how the pigsqueals are gone in this album. The record consists of pure death growls, mostly generic and at the same pitch, once again, comparable to Decapitated. There are ambient tracks and pointless noises on some tracks (I still don't realize what the bands hope to accomplish with this) and everything just seems to lean towards a solid death metal record, I mean it's even decently technical. Lots of tremolo riffs, harmonized chunky power chords and lots of palm muting, and once again no slams.

Why isn't this amazing, like it sounds to be? Because this band transferred from deathcore to Death Metal WAY too fast. They don't know how to do death metal that isn't boring and generic yet, and they ended up making GENESIS exactly that, boring and generic. Don't get me wrong, the instruments are solid and the drummer can stop on a dime, it's like he's on drugs. But after a good while, it feels like the record is on repeat because the drumming, gutiar and vocals all sound the same. I can't really tell some of the tracks apart yet, besides Embedded because I heard that first on myspace. I think it's a good record, but it'll get old really fast.

Job for a Cowboy have come a long way since their shitty 2005 EP, however they've changed TOO fast for their own good, and they will lose tonnes of their hardcore fans, and likely gain no death metal fans until they develop enough experience to make a more interesting death metal record, a more mature death metal record that doesn't bore the listener. Until then, this is GENESIS, and I think that one might be pleasantly surprised, if they like cover albums.