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From Gaycore to MedioCORE - 50%

DeathMetalProgRocker, May 15th, 2008

As just about everyone on this site knows Job For A Cowboy are a band loved by scene kids thanks to the release of their insanely awful 'Doom' EP but what you may not know is that this band have grown up a great deal since their early days and are now genuine death metal. God only knows what sparked the change in their music but we can safely say it was for the best. But is this switch of genre enough to make this band enjoyable?

Well yes this album is more enjoyable than the deathcore rubbish they used to do, so we can be thankful for that, but the problem with 'Genesis' is that although a vast improvement has been made to the band’s sound it still is far from great. This
album is only really amazing if you stack it up with the bands previous releases but to be honest most music is better than 'Doom' so it's really not saying much. Everything about this album feels lackluster from the riffs to the vocals it just doesn't impress.

Musically speaking this album is pretty basic death metal. Some tremolo picking here and some slightly melodic solos there is not enough to make something that stands out from the crowded genre of death metal. The musicianship has definitely improved from the 'Doom' era and its obvious from the get go. The drums are much more enjoyable and the guitar work is much more thought out than all the tracks on the EP put together. This album is a completely different experience from the EP as 'Genesis' doesn't sound half-arsed. The band now sound as though they can be taken seriously as proper metal. Basically Job For A Cowboy no longer come off as music that will fade out in a few years along with all the other deathcore bands.

Vocally there has been a massive improvement due to the noticeable ditching of the annoying and laughable pig squeals. Don't get me wrong some bands can pull pig squeals off but Job For A Cowboy were never able to do this so it’s clearly for the best they left them out of this release. Unfortunately though this albums vocal work is pretty dull and if you listen to a good amount of death metal then you will have heard it all before.

In conclusion 'Genesis' is most certainly better than the previous effort from Job For A Cowboy but that’s about the most positive thing I can say on it. There is nothing that makes this album stick out and it's just incredibly dull. Whilst writing this review I was listening to the album again and after just the 1st track I was bored. What that says to me is that you shouldn't waste your time with lackluster bands that are uninteresting when there are bands much more worthy of your time. Job For A Cowboy may improve further now they have ditched the deathcore genre but this album is average death metal.

Finally I would like to add that I respect this band for changing from marketable trash to real metal as many bands do the exact opposite, I'm sure anyone reading this can think of at least one example without me naming names, but that said a new found respect for Job For A Cowboy couldn't get them anything higher than a 50 rating.

Nice try but no cigar lads.