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Ugh - 20%

Dark_Mewtwo1, August 18th, 2007

So Job For a Cowboy are supposed to be the next big thing in extreme metal. I've seen them being sung praises everywhere, and I honestly don't understand how. I read all these message board posts exclaiming the greatness of this band, but I'm sitting here wondering if any of these kids have heard a death metal album in their lives. Their earlier work was probably more passable, but still bad overall, but this record is just the most cookie-cutter death metal album I've heard this year. It's like the band met in a room, started passing around some weed or some alcohol or something, listened to their favorite death metal albums, and just mixed it all together. Not fun.

Don't get me wrong, the music is ok. But it sounds like I've heard it before. Why should I listen to a new band playing this style when I can just listen to the people that started this whole thing? Why should I listen to Job For A Cowboy's pig squeals when I can go back and listen to the countless awful goregrind bands that have been doing pig squeals for decades? Why should this band get my hard earned money when I really don't see what the hell is so special about them? The sad part about this is that extreme metal will probably get a boost in popularity, and people will proclaim JFAC as the band who brought it to the masses. Forget that Cannibal Corpse, as bad as they are, already sold a million copies of a death metal record, forget that Suffocation and Cryptopsy received regular MTV play when their albums were released in the past 2-3 years, forget all that. JFAC brought death metal to you, right?

As far as the music's concerned, this band removed most of the -core influence that so many people bashed to no end. While this is probably a good move financially, their music just isn't the same. At least the band had some air of freshness with their old material, but this doesn't. Gone are most of the breakdowns and the pig squeals have been cut back and replaced with more standard growls and the speed has been bumped up a bit, but in the end, isn't this record redundant? Don't bands like Vital Remains always add more speed and straight-forward vocals in every album? Why do we need this band?

If you like this album, more power to you kids. But I sincerely recommend you take about an hour or two of your time and fully explore the Metal Archives. Not only will you find bands that are better than this, albums that sound more innovative than this, but you'll be able to save those $15 that you were gonna spend on this album, and buy yourself a nice, maybe $10 album online by a good band and then have money left over to buy yourself a soda and some chips or something. Honestly this is how I see this band and album: for little teens that don't understand what death metal was or still is. This is bland music, the type that gets hyped by the media. I'm not suprised at all. But if this review can get one person to actually go ahead and look for better death metal bands, then I did my part. Stay away from this please, you'll thank me later, and so will your bank account.