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Catchy Brutality - 85%

Priest, June 20th, 2005

These Swedish old school grinders know how to make really great music.
The guitar has a lot of carcass style, in that the riffs are catchy, memorable, and fucking heavy. The guitars have a really nice tone which suits the rest of the mix. There are so many head banging moments it’s almost hard to believe one band could come up with so many good riffs, that aren’t that technical.
All the vocals are a mid range scream/growl which fits the band perfectly, and are really Grindcore vocals rather than Death metal type vocals which make them even better.
The drums pound away strongly in the background, with blastbeats flying left right and centre. The drums are fast enough, but not really that technical. It would seem that the band may suffer from the "blast beats work anywhere" syndrome. However it really works in their favour, i think.
The lyrics are really well written, and seem a little tongue in cheek. Over the top gore lyrics are the main focus, however the most creative songs go onto the undead coming to mutilate, and fuck your corpse!
The final Track on the CD - World End Carnage has a really politcal message, and is a good end to an above average album.
The production is would be expected when the band was recorded by Mieszco Talarczyk (R.I.P.).
This album is bloody great.
It loses points because although it is really good...there is very little variation in the songs.
Stand out tracks: Reeking Death, Feast on Dismembered Limbs, Brutally Murdered.