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Synths > Songwriting. - 60%

caspian, August 23rd, 2008

It seems that of late Broadrick has stopped trying to make excellent music and just focused on making CDs that sound engineers/producers can use as reference albums. Jesu has always had pretty massive production, and I guess the reason why Jesu got fruity was because Broadrick had already mastered the recording of electric guitars and decided that perhaps he'd now master the art of synthesiser manipulation.

Seriously, the production here is awe inspiring and it's probably worth getting this release for that reason alone. Everything's hazy in that shoegaze way, it's all super layered, but yet there's still an amazing amount of clarity here, and the tones are amazing. The synth tones gave me a huge boner- the epic sweeping, blissed out ones in Farewell, the more fragile tones in the alt. version of the title track- anyone who wants to make electronic music, or has even a passing interest in that genre will want this album.

Unfortunately, the awesomeness of the synths don't quite cover up the solid but overall unremarkable material on offer. The alt versions, while cool, don't really offer up anything better then the original tunes, consisting mostly of awesome synth tones floating admist fairly uninspired, heard-it-all-before shoegazey tracks. The original tracks offer up some better sounds- the floaty, sickeningly cheerful thing that is Farewell is still pretty irrestistible, although the more dour types will be advised to avoid this track like the plague. The title track is slow and maybe a little boring but does the job when you're depressed, I guess- and the less said about "Blind and Faithless" the better.

Overall, this is a fairly dull release that no one really needs to own. I can't see myself listening to this terribly often (all the good tunes are already on the eluvium/jesu split, after all), but I find this hard to hate, or even give a sub-50% mark- 3 our of the 5 tunes are pretty boring, but the production is amazing and it's still Jesu, so I find it hard to hate. Not really worth getting, though, unless you missed out on the eluvium/jesu split.