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The epitome of jesu - 95%

noinnocentvictim, June 2nd, 2007

This CD is jesu (uncapitalized, as it seems to be on every one of their logos) at their very finest. The two tracks demonstrate the balance that can be achieved between the ambient, droning tracks found on the CD "Heart Ache" and the shoegazer tracks found on the CD "Silver." I believe that the aforementioned CDs were great in their own regards, but combining the two genres that Broadrick seems to have mastered leads to the creation of an altogether amazing CD.

The guitars tend to play both the droning, deep tones reminiscent of "Heart Ache" and "Ruined" as well as the higher-pitched tones found on "Silver." This duality allows one to be either happy or sad while listening to the two tracks found here.

The drums also play a key element, establishing the slow tone, and rarely using orthodox beats, varying hits between the hi-hat and snare. Instead, the use of bass drums, toms and cymbals are the primary function of the drums here. This sounds slow-moving, and fits the atmosphere perfectly.

Vocals... are vocals. I gave transcribing the lyrics a shot in hopes that someone else could finish the job, as I don't think my lyrics make sense. However, lyrics aren't particularly important to a band that shouts "Rise rock!" at the end of a very emotional song when they were just introducing themselves to the scene.

The entire CD is just flat-out enjoyable in the purest sense of the word, and even with their lengthiness will warrant repeated listens from even the most ADD-esque listeners, who probably won't listen to drone in the first place, so I guess there's no real reason of telling.

Regardless, the CD moves seamlessly between melodies, and is one of the most inspiring and depressing CDs I have ever listened to, depending on what mood I'm in when first listening to them. This pair of songs should be listened to by any jesu fan. I overlooked it until they were pointed out to me, and now I am extremely grateful to this individual for doing so. Enjoy.