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caspian, April 5th, 2007

Hahaha. Anyway, for those hoping this is raw hateful black metal, you're in for a really big disappointment, as this is perhaps the exact opposite of that. Instead, this sees Broadrick and Co. Taking Jesu's dreaminess and prettiness to new levels, and creating a real gem of an ep.

It's hard to avoid using the word 'dreamlike' every second word in this review, but it's harder to come up with a better description. There's a few minutes of heavy, slomo riffage in the first song, but that's about it as far as heaviness goes. The rest of the tune 'Sun Down' slips away into beautiful, synth driven dream pop, just floating around, totally beautiful and mellow. There's all these electronic drums going around (reminiscent of Dead Eyes off the Silver EP), synths, and some slow, gentle downtuned guitars churning away, far in the background. I can definitely imagine some people hating this (It is 17 minutes long, after all..) but If you listen to a lot of drone and shoegaze (like me) you'll love it.

I can imagine there'd be a few people pretty bummed out by the lack of huge, downtuned riffs in the first song, and well.. the second song is even more laidback. To me, it resembles a really lush m83/Boards of Canada hybrid, with some slow distorted drums, lots of gorgeous strummed guitars, and some hushed, crooned vocals. It's really light and airy, and that's definitely going to turn some people off.. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed it. If you enjoy the gentler side of Jesu, you're going to love this track.

It's hard to think of a better late night record then this one. It's definitely not recommended for dudes who've never heard Jesu (That'd be the Silver EP), but for those of use who love the quieter Jesu moments, or who just love to drift away on some lush, mellow music, then this may be your album of the year..