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Not what I wanted to hear. - 35%

msupplier, December 23rd, 2009

All things Broadrick are worthy of interest and are highly anticipated in my book. Whenever a new release comes out I look forward to what his mind has conjured up this time around. This being said, Jesu releases are particularily of interest to me as they are one of my favorites bands.

With "Opiate Sun", I was originally pretty damn stoked to throw the vinyl on my turntable and hear something fresh, considering I was pleased with the previous effort "Infinity". Well, how do I say this nicely? Um, I can't. This isn't good(except for the last track "Morning Light"). It seems Justin has opted on this release to tread in the forbidden commercial waters. There are the trademark heavy riffs at times, but overall this is bland and boring as hell. Elements of this feel as if they were geared towards popular radio. How very sad.

Musically as well as vocally, I am very open to Justin's varying degree of stylings throughout his discography, whether it be the absolute sickness of songs such as "Man/Woman" from the "S/T" LP or "Ruined" from the "Heart Ache" EP, all the way to the sombre & haunting offerings of "Farewell" from the "Split w/ Eluvium" release & "Falling from Grace" from the "Split w/ Battle of Mice" offering. The point being is that there are no boundaries with me as long as it is good. Regretfully said, this just is not good. There's something about the way he sings on the bulk of this album that is not for me at all. Musically, most of this is mundane. Gone is the experimentation & massive feeling within the simplicity. A sense of selling out washes over me while listening, and that is a terrible feeling, because he is one of my favorite musicians ever.

There's not a whole lot to tell about the first three tracks other than they are an empty shell coated in a friendly non-Jesu feeling. Lost is that special something that makes great Jesu songs. On the other hand, the fourth and final track "Morning Light" is a great- I repeat, great song, and is the only thing that keeps this album from being totally worthless. This song is excellent while being devastating in the 'make you want to kill yourself' in a good kind of way, way. This should have been the formula for the whole album. The song lulls you into a dark, hypnotic place while crushing you at the same time like only Justin can accomplish.

If it were not for the last song I would have no choice but to give this album a 10% or something in that range. Hopefully, considering it is the last song, it will resonate onto his next release(fingers crossed). If not, and Jesu continues in the direction of the majority of this poor offering, I will regrettably have to stop listening.