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the worst thus far. - 35%

caspian, November 16th, 2009

After the sort-of promising slab of metal/ambient that was Infinity I was somewhat keen about this record. I'd heard about a rawer production, everyone seemed to love Deflated when it got put on myspace, so I was pretty eager of a broadrick return to big riffs and big production. Oh well.

Yep, this another Jesu release to file under "boredom rock", and the cool, raw-but-still-amazing production aside it's rather average. "Losing Streak" is probably the best song on here; a big slow and mopey thing with very catchy vocals that sort of sounds like, I dunno, really slow britpop with heaps of distortion; just not as shitty as that description suggests. All in all the increased vocals, rather standard (albeit slow) guitar lines- you really can't call them riffs- and "regular band' sort of instrumentation suggest that Broadrick and crew have gotten somewhat sick of heading out on their own and harbored in some safer but far more boring waters.

Damn, maybe that is why i dislike this record so much. Not to say that this sounds like Oasis or something but fuzzy production aside, this is pretty much mope-rock from a few years ago that's been slowed down a bit and drags on for ages. The doom-ish/industrial thing Jesu had at the start slowly got more shoegaze-ish, and that was (sort of) fine, but this isn't a terribly promising sign of things to come. A lot of my favourite bands have embraced the rock on an album or two (Metallica come instantly to mind) and that was all fine and good, but this? A real bummer. Perhaps it's because I'm seeing the trainwreck, instead of just hearing about it a few years after the fact.

Not really worth getting, simply put. A few more releases along this line and I may give up on this band entirely..