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Promising but uninspired - 54%

Timmah, March 26th, 2011

Justin Broadrick has a endless list of diverse projects that he has put his mind and skills to, Jesu is one of his latest and main focuses of the 21st century. Taking a heavier My Bloody Valentine direction, I was enticed with Lifeline and S/T because of the sheer force and creativity in the music. Opiate Sun is my latest pickup from Jesu and i was expecting Heartache and got a less impressive Silver.

"Losing Streak" starts the EP off and enters with a simple drum beat and a interesting hook, the vocals are mixed higher in this song and you can understand the lyrics, then a solo enters with it seems a southern rock influence something not seen on other Jesu releases. Usual Jesu repetition follows a nice little outro, A decent start.

Next is the title track "Opiate Sun" which seems to have the same feel to it as the first track but seems a bit duller and doesn't seem to have any variety at all, one of my least favorite Jesu songs to this date.

The preceding track "Deflated' seems to also go along with the same atmosphere as the first two songs, nice chugging riff and very understandable lyrics, a much cleaner Jesu song. Overall a very valiant effort but there is something missing, there isn't enough going on. In past releases there always seems to be something new you hear after every listen but this album seems to be missing the crucial aspect.

The last track "Morning Light" is the high point of the album. As it starts you can easily recognize similarities to Jesu S/T, and the feel is different as it's very dark and brooding and riff heavy, reminiscent of Jesu of past days with minimal emphasis on vocals and more on instrumentals, also some very gratifying variations, Easily best song on this EP.

Opiate Sun goes along with the same demographics as Silver, a more poppy but still heavy drone. It didn't really progress Jesu's sound and in someway regressed it, not worth the money to buy and won't appeal to casual Jesu fans. It is a noble effort but lacking in many key elements that have refined Jesu's sound.