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Jesu / Eluvium

Jesu / Eluvium

Curse you Eluvium drone track! - 70%

caspian, July 24th, 2007

Jesu and Eluvium.. Definitely a pairing that makes some of us do a sex pee, and some people fall asleep. You've got Jesu with their heavy, downtuned MBV-isms and Eluvium with their strange, glowing ambient drone stuff. Both bands can test people's patience but there's plenty of great music made by these dudes.

Jesu's stuff on this album goes in a somewhat different direction to their usual doomy shoegaze. While I would normally put Jesu under the 'slo n lo' kind of metal, there's no metal here to speak off. It's all soaring synths, (it may be guitars, I'm not sure.) mid tempo breakbeats and super poppy vocals. There's even some super mopey piano in here. It sounds like Boards of Canada remixing My Bloody Valentine. There really is no metal here at all! Farewell is probably the stand out track here, possibly the most blissed out thing Broadrick has ever done, a super happy track that's just totally killer. Why are We not Perfect is slower and a lot more depressing, something that brings to mind the more bummed-out tunes of the debut LP. Blind and Faithless.. not so good, but inoffensive and short which isn't such a bad thing.

Unfortunately, Eluvium's track can't quite compete with Jesu's tunes. Most Eluvium tunes test the listener's patience, but this one is just ridiculous. The problem here is that the payoff is not worth the agonising build. The track starts off with a seemingly endless one note drone. There's subtle builds within the drone, but they're really damn subtle. Did I get bored? Yes. I got extremely bored. The end of the track is quite good.. Basically, some backwards piano gets added to the mix, it gets louder and a bit of Sunn O))) style Sub bass comes in, whilst the synths continue the drone. It's pretty cool, the big droney part at the end, but it doesn't quite make the super long build worthwhile. Good music for sleeping, or for meditating maybe, but not something that you can listen to with all of your attention.

So, now to put a rating onto this. This is quite hard to do. We have about 13 minutes of awesome music (that would be Jesu tracks 1 & 3), about 13 minutes of OK music (Jesu Track 2, Eluvium ending), and 10 minutes of shite music. Therefore I'm giving this about a 70. If you're new to Jesu, get Silver. If you're new to Eluvium, get Talk Amongst the Trees. Otherwise, if you want to get this, you're going to have to hang out on Ebay, because it's already sold out!