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Best thing since "The Mantle" - 96%

translucent2you, March 29th, 2005

Man, this album is fucking GREAT!!!!! I have been a Godflesh fan or a while now, and when I heard about Jesu, I figured it would either be retreading Godflesh, or retreading the very spaced out and droney sounds of some of Justins’ other side projects. And the thing is, is that he is making the same sounds, except that he is bringing them to their logical, fucking badass conclusion.

Nothing on Jesu’s full-length debut will surprise you, it will just prove to you that Justin Broadrick truly is the genius that everyone has been parading him as all these years. It has the basic industrial framework of Godflesh, but it isn’t aggressive. It’s as mellow as some his side projects, but still incredibly powerful. It also manages to feel incredibly organic. Godlfesh used a cold, alienating industrial sound well to their advantage, wheras this is almost the opposite, managing to sound incredibly warm and inviting. But the real defining element of Jesu comes once he has already built up this grandiose droning structure, when you hear the melody. I am not sure if melody is the right word, because sometimes it will only only shift between two notes for several minutes, or just experiment with one note. But whatever he does, it it one of the most heart-wrenching things I have ever heard in music. Jesu’s first EP was called Heartache, and though I haven’t heard it yet, I have no doubt that it’s title would just as well describe this album. It is just that emotionally raw.

Now there are moments of the album that at first don’t seem to fit in. The first minute or so of “friends are evil” starts out very Godflesh like, and you think that he is going to go into a heavy track, but then it flows perfectly into more droning perfection. The last few minutes of “man/woman” pulls the same kind of trick, except since it is at the end (and really is something straight ot of a Godlfesh album), it doesn’t work as well, but it is redeemed in the last song.

Some people are saying that the album is too long, but I know that there are lots of albums that I have looked back on after several years and wished there had been more. Anyways.

Standout tracks: “friends are evil”, “tired of me”, “we all faulter”, “walk on water.” (aka tracks 2-5)