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Desperation - 90%

noinnocentvictim, December 3rd, 2005

This album is desperation. Not in the negative sense, but a rather calculated view into the emotion of desperation. This album isn't necessarily dark by any standards, but it is rather... dense, and difficult to listen to initially. By "dense," I mean the music seems to be miles away, and to truly get to it you must swim through layers of mud.

This album is distance. You won't feel any closer as the music progresses; you will simply feel farther away from reality. By feeling farther away from reality, you can connect and associate with the music's distance from standard sounds.

This album is eternity. Every song, no matter how short, sounds droningly long, as though the artists have found a break of reality and have slipped into eternity. Every single time you listen through, you turn into an endless being, distant from human existence, and finding it difficult to live at all.

This album is true melancholy. The deeper it goes, the farther it gets and the more desperate the sound becomes, this album finds your core emotions - something beyond material lyrics can express-and screws around with your feelings. You'll feel like you've entered a dreamy state, and as though you're going to float off, when suddenly pain of the tones offered in this album haunt your core.

I have listened to this album countless times, and yet haven't found a single outstanding track. The album is meant to be listened to as a whole, and thus while there are no amazingly good tracks, there are no bad tracks to use to contrast here. It lacks a real reference point, as each song is equally unique and they all deserve to be listened to again and again.

This album is not essential. However, it is still a great listen.